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United Kingdom
like yaoi
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Favourite genre of music: To many to list
MP3 player of choice: CD & Tape Player
Favourite cartoon character: Dex, Buford, Slob, big billy
Personal Quote: Great Nintendos
Island Force Multipule choice Quiz.
Round 2

1. Scooby, Scooster and Scuford are able to use what rare ablity?

A) Nature Sight.
B) Hyper Drive.
C) Boost.

2. At the end of a high level combo what is Scooby signature move?

A) A flipkick.
B) An uppercut.
C) A spinkick.

3. What was the name of the song that played in Rooftop Ambush?

A) Wild and Ready.
B) A Warrior On The Prowl.
C) Run Scooby Run.

4. Scooby is known as a what to the people of H.K. Isles?

A) Hero.
B) Secret celebrity.
C) Champion.

5. Which game theme is known as The calmming beardog?

A) Samurai Shodown (SNES) - Snowy Hokkaido Village (Nakoruru Stage).
B) Spider-Man and Venom ~ Maximum Carnage (SNES) - Chasing Insanity.
C) Airport ~ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition Soundtrack.

6. Who is the new leader of the new Wild Squad?

A) Scoobster.
B) Scuford.
C) Dekauzz.

7. Nicolas Strike got his galactic Bankai from which fighter?

A) King Glazer.
B) Evil Dex.
C) Silver B. Wild.

8. What was the name of Doug and Srapryu's son?

A) Rage.
B) Claw.
C) Blight.

9. Nicolas Strike is what type of fighter?

A) Ninja.
B) Dragon Slayer.
C) Rapper.

10. What kinda shop does Billy the tanuki own?

A) A prank shop.
B) A toy shop.
C) A bake shop.

11. What is the last form of a Beardog?

A) Grizzlywolf.
B) Cougarwolf.
C) Tigerwolf.

12. Greg Grizzly is part of what group?

A) Evil Force.
B) Tailed Beast Organization.
C) The New Hunters.

13. Why did Mertit Spencer revive Odessa?

A) To bring him Savage.
B) To help him hunt for stronger warriors.
C) To protect his home world.

14. In Phoenix Fighters where do you fight Scooby Oyama?

A) On Wild Drive.
B) At the fire Temple.
C) In the lost world.

15. How many Phoenix Fighters are there?

A) 11.
B) 7.
C) 10.

16. Dex Oyama is the only one able to do what.?

A) Fix unknown items.
B) Bring Scooby back from uncontrollable rage.
C) Revive fallen fighters.

17. Which two Evil Force members are part of the ZOID MAFIA?

A) Steven Mandragora and Barry Robinson.
B) Dumptruck and Hal.
C) Burke and Murray.

18. What type of Phoenix Fighter is Justin D. Wild?

A) Fire Phoenix.
B) Universal Phoenix.
C) Light Phoenix.

19. Which one of these is Scooby's Galactic Bankai?

A) Galactic Flood.
B) Galactic Hurricane.
C) Galactic Blade.

20. In Phoenix Fighters what is Scooby's ending?

A) He becomes king of Island World.
B) He leaves to start his training for the next tournament.
C) He goes from world to world fighting the best.

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